Poor little heart

Dear heart, I’m so sorry for letting you down once again

I apologize for putting other people’s hearts before you

I’m sorry for all the times I allowed you to die because someone walked away

I’m especially sorry for all the times I cursed you and blamed you for my immaturity

My lack of judgement put me in situations where my trust in you was compromised

I’ve put you in the hands of people who had no intentions of caring for you

I’ve traded my body for hopes of being loved in return

I’ve given you so freely to those who haven’t earned your loved

I’ve trusted family and friends until they used you up and sent you back broken

I fell in love three times but no one deserved your strength

I’ve sat in dark rooms and contemplated suicide because I was shattered

I forgotten your significance to my survival

I took advantage of your vitality and resilience

I never understood your role in self preservation

I apologize for letting you get abandoned, stabbed, lied to, and broken

I know you’re tired of my apologies and hearing me cry

I make mistakes a lot due to lack of direction

I’ve walked blindly into situations hoping to see clearly

I’ve walked crooked paths in hopes of becoming straight

I feel you beating but ever so slowly

You don’t get excited at the words, “I love you” anymore

Butterflies no longer swarm in the presence of beauty and hope

I can feel the cracks in your foundation because every tear is evidence of the damage

Disappointment after disappointment you’ve been led astray

The once agile heart is fragile and hollow

I apologize for etching pain into your memory

I’m sorry for my lack of strength to leave when Love was no longer there

My poor little heart give me another chance to repair you

I promise to work on loving me so wholeheartedly that no one could love me more

I promise to keep life circulating throughout your chambers

Forgive me for my false accusations that you no longer loved me in return

Forgive me for wishing death upon you

Forgive me for allowing someone else’s brokenness define how I treated you

Poor poor heart I know you’re exhausted but I ask that you give me another chance

Believe in me once more

Believe that I am capable of leaving you in he correct hands

From his moment on I will repair you

Tuck you away safely with a lock and key

You will never again suffer for my fairy tale notions and happily ever afters

I promise to keep it real with you and trust you to protect me

I will let you guide me and tell me when it’s safe to give in increments

I apologize for not sheltering you enough with love

I’m sorry for this broken body in which you dwell

My poor poor little heart all I have is you and you are hope

Without you I am broken and an empty vessel

I give you my word, put your trust in me and I will give you what you need

I am sorry for not giving you unconditional love in return after giving me life

My poor little heart don’t give up on me.

B. Blunt 21 February 2018

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Author: B.Blunt Poetry

Poet. Mother of 3. 3x thyroid cancer fighter. Artist. Free spirit. Bookworm. Nature lover. Future scientists.

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